Needle, crochet, thread – Granny, Mummy, Baby.

Knitting needles, crochet hook, and thread – Granny, Mummy, Baby. Together we are trying to bring our patch ideas to reality, passing away the time and knitting the family closer together.

Mummy learns from Grandma, and sometimes Grandma picks up a thing or two from Mummy – both work under the watchful eye of Baby and of course, only when Baby allows.


The seasoned knitter who never drops a stitch, she knits away without having to look at her creation. Her lifetime motto: “There’s no such thing as it can’t be done”.

Buying yards of fabric, she sews and patchworks but remember always her instinct as a grandmother – to give Baby some playtime and Mummy much-deserved quality time on her own.


By vocation she is a mother. She relishes weekends with Grandma. Patchwork, patchwork, patchwork – it is all she thinks about; mourning always the leftover fabrics – truth be told, if she could sow together Baby’s nappies, she would happily do so.

Krystyna (THE Baby):

Sometimes I wonder if my Mummy is serious about her sewing. Instead of hiding underneath a blanket and jumping out from behind with the embarrassing words ‘peek-a-boo’, she hides herself away in her sewing room pretending to be busy. Of course, I let her do it, she might happen to make me a pretty and yummy blanket for me to chew on.

By the way, Grandma is quite good too. She can do lots of things at the same time – she can thread a needle whilst chasing me on all fours. Of course, I let her off with these foolish antics. Bye, bye and goo goo and ga ga.

Buy SOMething:

Of course, we are not doing this for money but should a few coins and notes come our way, we will not be sad. Just pick a design for yourself, wear it with pride and remember to tell all your friends, just like Krystyna does!


You think that sewing is difficult? Don’t talk nonsense. Even Krystyna knows how to quilt. Take a needle, some scissors, and a slice of cake, open up our instructions and start to create something wonderful for yourself.